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Getting married soon? Have decided everything, or is there still room for some creativity and spontaneity? In case there is, you really need to know what’s next in wedding entertainment for 2016 and adopt what best fits your mood. Entertainment includes music, highlights and props, decoration that creates a certain mood, location and type of venue. We’ll all analyze it in a bit, but make sure that every single detail you are adding reflects your identity as a couple!


It’s true that some people are seriously taking the idea of a mischievous leap year that may not be the most desirable time for a wedding. Whether you are that superstitious or just humoristic about it, you can use the leap-year idea as a point of reference, decorating your place and guest gifts with lucky charms, emulating the good luck spirit through music choices in your playlist, incorporating such messages in your invites, and even hiring for the guests a fortune teller for 5-minute sessions during the party. You can even say something cute in your speeches! Anyway, since you are getting married, this is definitely a lucky year for you!


Believe it or not, there are global warming implications affecting your wedding too, especially the selection of the venue and the services or facilities available on site. If it’s an open space in the morning or at noon, you need to have big umbrellas or tents for your guests, as well as offer them wide-brim hats and fans to make the whole experience pleasant. You can do the wedding close to a pool or by the seaside with the potential of a dive available to all guests. Some weddings right now, because of high temperatures, are happening mostly in the evening, and the trend is pushing the reception time as late as possible, closer to midnight when temperature drops. Bikini-clad wedding attendants sound more reasonable than ever before!


With Zoolander screening this season and fashion dominating pop culture, weddings are becoming fashionable or fashion-related. You should definitely set the tone for a rather imaginative dress code and party theme that will further expand on music choices such as Vogue by Madonna and Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. Reimagine the dance stage as a runway, with big lights, upbeat music, a fashionably dressed DJ, and dancers that really rock the latest fashion trends. You can definitely see this season your wedding as something equaling the Met Gala in edginess and glam!


Films are very much of the moment as a sort of inspiration for wedding party themes. You can take a period of time from cinematography, a single movie, an actor, or a famous director and draw inspiration for your playlist, highlights and props, choreography as a couple, printed material, and decoration. You can even get inspired by a big screen bride emulating the design of Anne Hathaway’s wedding gown at ‘Princess Diaries II’ or that of Elizabeth Taylor in ‘The Father of the Bride’, and many other cinematic styles! Since TV series are getting rather popular again, you can also draw themes from Mad Men, Sex and the City, Downton Abbey and any other favorite. Screening a film or episode on the side will be a nice highlight too!


Social media brings forth in our life the element of interactivity and global communication, while it is also an extension of the idea of Reality TV. If you really want to share all that thrill and happiness of the moment with the rest of the world, then enhance the experience through a social media wall, reproducing all the postings with certain hash tags you are indicating at your invite and menus. You can provide your guests with selfie sticks for extra fun, and create an Instagram wedding account. Twitter will do great, as well as Facebook that almost everybody – even seniors – is using lately. Imagine the dance floor scenes, the drunk and the romantic moments coming out, all that fun becoming memorable!


Since most of the world, including fashion and entertainment, experience a strong Asian influence – Chinese, Japanese, and Korean – and in case your wedding is an international event and your guest list is a ‘map’ of different origins, an Asian-themed party or one with Asian touches on the menu, playlist and decoration is also a trend to consider. You could dress your female waitresses as geishas, add sushi or dumplings into your menu, hang lanterns above the stage, or put cherry blossom centerpieces on the tables. And when the weather is warm, the fans to be gifted to your guests can also be Japanese-style. Asia will most probably be part of that memorable night. And have you thought of a Karaoke session somewhere in-between? Sounds like lots of fun!

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For 2015 bridal trends, this will be a crucial question, since many couples are planning to go against tradition, adopting alternative path regarding their wedding festivities. And since the actual location will more or less be an unexpected one, logistics will vary a lot, making each one of the events a really special occasion and a deeply personal matter. Customization which is the luxury of our times spans many aspects of entertainment and lifestyle including nuptials. Tech, social media along with a departure from the formalities and the conventions of bridal etiquette, bring about more creativity and broader interaction. It’s a modern couple’s way to spread the word and share their happiness with as many or few people as they wish. Let’s check the latest novelties in dancing the special night out. Guests this year will have more fun than ever!


Photo booths were last year’s major trend and they keep on snapping fun moments during weddings; yet they rapidly develop into an array of ways to record and crystallize the best instances. They turn into video booths or they swap with the more retro idea of an onsite silhouette artist/caricaturist. Guests pose and bond over this cool experience. There is an artistic edge into it and something genuinely personal!


Technology takes the whole thing of documenting wedding festivities into a whole new level through the use of GoPro cameras and drones flying overhead capturing the big picture. Guests are sort of recruited to snap every single detail and hashtag it on their social media accounts. Sooner or later the whole wedding bliss gets viral!


More than ever attendees feel part of the experience. It gets playful with offerings such as a basket of thematic props for all to play dress up such as hats, jewels, feathers, wigs and moustaches! Interactive entertainment includes also the possibility of DJs paying to request. Encourage your guests doing so, giving them notepads and pencils to write down their requests, or adding a request option to their RSVP. Let them choose their favorite tunes and incorporate them into your flexible playlist!


Entertainment this year might have an exotic flair matching a possible Tropicana chic décor or similar influence. Latin or tribal music comes to the forefront again. Imagine a setting including Blue Curacao cocktails, flamingo statues, Aztec print rugs and tropical flowers.


Cool vibes and a casual approach are of the moment. Couples want to have fun and avoid stressful procedures and pre planned things that make them feel like performers instead of real-life persons. Simplicity takes over! After all it’s a warm family affair among best friends and relatives; not a corporate event!


Entertainment trends can take two distinct 70s-inspired directions: either the Studio 54 glam and dancing scene or the bohemian Woodstock festival style. It’s either sparkle, color and artsy extravagance or the modern-day Coachella spirit, each one dictating slightly different tunes from the same decade! LED dance floor or a large muddy yard? You choose!


One of the most eye-catching ways to do it is video mapping which means projecting customized images, initials, graphics and other messages on the walls and any surface at the venue. Installations mostly depicting the initials of the couple might be made of neon lights, flowers, Plexiglas and other materials. It’s a bit pop art!


British culture mostly popularized through the stylish royal family and some successful TV series (e.g. Downton Abbey) is adopted in weddings. Some of them are organized as afternoon tea or garden parties with British delicacies on the buffet! It’s a totally different entertainment direction.  


Champagne towers, cocktail bars and bourbon tasting stations are the most high-end ways to kick of a bridal party and lift up the spirits. They enhance mingling with other guests and (why not) flirting!


Couples still love Elvis and Sinatra but prefer all the charming renditions of the classics. They love acoustic versions, remixes, and unexpected live tunes mixed with the initial track. Some of them hire one musician (a saxophonist, bongo player or violinist) to collaborate with the DJ. It looks like a live program but it’s way smarter and more affordable.


Busy couples, usually living together before getting married, prefer making it official all alone at the city hall or a distant exotic destination, skipping a traditional ceremony, and going forward to a real party. It won’t be a formal sit down dinner but a cocktail reception with food circulating all night long among people dancing and singing to the tunes. Ideal spaces for it are not the typical banquet halls but museums, restaurants, lofts, art galleries, their homes, or even caves. Those long weekend festivities feature another new trend; circus performers, fire artists and jugglers!


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10 or more celebrities that everyone would love to invite to their wedding!

Going through a fantasy guest list that would include the most coveted wedding-goers across the globe is not an easy task. We thought of haute style women that rarely attend weddings such as American Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, who recently opened her Long Island seaside home for her son Charlie Shaffer’s wedding, to fashion e-commerce expert Elizabeth Cordry, while she also attended – Chanel-clad – the Clooneys’ wedding in Venice. We also brought up Cara Delevigne’s delicate image as her sister’s bridesmaid, breaking the rules and wearing white. But we ended up with famous people who scored repeatedly, or at least once, ground-breaking appearances as guests, grooms or brides!


She and Jay Z recently (‘On The Run’ show in Miami) presented their fans with a rare video from their super private wedding back in 2008. She was hot in her rule-breaking form-fitting white dress, attending sister Solange’s wedding to Alan Ferguson. She’s even been a wedding-crasher while visiting a church in Portofino during vacation this summer. Wearing little more than a bikini and a sarong, she posed with the beautiful bride! Apparently, she has all the credentials for the most desirable celeb guest!


The event-organizer/author is a regular at the lavish nuptials of the British upper crust. Following the typical Middletonesque dress-code (nude tights, feathered fascinators, and sheath dresses), but also experimenting a bit more than Kate, she usually attracts legions of paparazzi. Her stunning unconventionally-colored (white) Alexander McQueen bridesmaid gown at the Royal wedding earned her extra points as a socialite that creates headlines for every wedding she attends.


It would be way harder to convince her to attend your wedding, but it would be worth it! After all, she is this century’s most famous bride and she’s always giving lessons of modern-day regal elegance. Kate regularly attends weddings, often in pastel-hued coat dresses. We love the fact that she never tries to overshadow the bride, sometimes even recycling fashion or adopting ‘highstreet’.


We could call her the most importantly stylish guest at the British Royal wedding, rocking maternity look with a dark blue shift dress from her line, a matching Phillip Tracey fascinator and sky-high Louboutins! She was equally ‘vogue’ at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ nuptials (2006) adopting a fresh bob, a black dress and wide-brimmed hat. Even before reinventing herself, she had attended high-profile weddings (e.g. Elton John and David Furnish’s) in fab evening gowns and diamonds! She would definitely add glamour to your wedding!


The ever-young chameleon of style and super model, loves adopting unconventional looks to weddings. She’s also a party girl; quite ideal for the festive atmosphere of a wedding. Kate has sported ballerina shoes, fedoras, and mini dresses with the same easiness and charm she did haute couture gowns. Best looks include a taupe short-suit at Bobby Gillespie’s, a polka dot playsuit at John Hitchcox and Phoebe Vela’s, a silver gown at Leah Wood’s, and a romantic lace dress at Jade Jagger’s wedding.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are rarely seen on such social occasions. The twins ooze bohemian luxe and surprisingly instilled that flair as bridesmaids to a recent wedding in Mexico where they donned chic ivory maxi dresses making their fans swoon! A cameo appearance in opulent caftans was also at stylist Molly Fishkin’s wedding where they offered to design her gown.


The most envied couple on earth took us by stylish storm during their cinematic wedding in Venice with Hollywood A-listers in attendance. Since then and her unique Oscar de la Renta gown, we are eager to see more snaps of her glam style! When’s the next big wedding?


That girl knows fashion and is a very popular actress too, plus her wedding works for years, and her image as bride at the ‘Sex & the City’ movie in a Vivienne Westwood dramatic gown is memorable. She recently became bridesmaid at friend Melinda Relyea’s wedding to James Kearns in Connecticut, and was unconventional enough to get married, back in 1997, in a black dress.


No bride would reject the opportunity to have a fashion legend in attendance, or two (it happened at Princess Charlene’s), even more the privilege to wear a custom-made wedding gown. Karl and Giorgio greeted themselves warmly as guests/designers to the Monaco wedding, while Valentino made it to the Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Chris O’Neill’s wedding as well as created her fairytale gown.


The Brangelina got hitched recently in an intimate family affair, with their six children designing the motifs for her playful gown by Atelier Versace. It’s the epitome of wedding bliss plus they are cool handsome guys. Anyone would want these vibes at their wedding!

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K2atie and Joshua September 29, 201

“Brett was great.  He listened to our requests and followed through with everything from start to finish.  He made sure that everything flowed nicely and that all the guests were entertained and having a great time.

He played a wide range of music to please everyone from the country music loving bridal party to the classic music loving Grandparents and everything in-between.  We had a blast!”

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