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Great memories from your special event!

It seems that your wedding is not only a special moment for you and your sweetheart but also for an array of friends and family members, who sometimes find it as the unique chance to catch up or connect for first time. The very same idea of a broader sharing of feelings applies to an array of events and special occasions including corporate events, proms, awards, anniversaries, etc. An on-site photo booth can keep these fun memories alive in the cutest way, and this is why Encore mobile DJs decided to incorporate this feature into its recommended services to be available at your cocktail party or reception! In just a few seconds, you can give each guest the most vivid proof of their attendance, as well a chance to connect with other people at the event.


Guests at the photo booth usually display their boldest characteristics and most hilarious attitude; a bright smile, a funny facial expression, a fashion statement or crazy accessories, and big hugs are most frequent elements to be captured in these snaps. They all take home a set of pictures that are really lovely, graceful, unique, and attention-grabbing. Sometimes ladies are craving to see themselves in such pics, because they need to save their fabulous evening look in their archives. It’s as if they are staring at their reflections through the mirror to make sure they look great in their formal attire. Eveningwear is always bright, glam, and luminous, so this is how you help them take their most positive expressions home!


Our photo booth is the place where guests surely evoke their feelings for the hosts; happiness, admiration, excitement for all wonderful things about to grace your life as a couple, as students, or as professionals. You really need to have at your event this little treasure of positive energy, that brings about great vibes and the notion that all guests share your thrill of this special occasion. The booth will become a point of reference at the party with everybody seeking to take pictures with each other, flirting around the idea, making jokes about it, and discussing the coolest details post-shoot. Some might visit it several times with different people but to make it work, make sure that it is well-organized with people orderly waiting in line, whenever huge demand seems to be the issue.


The photo booth seems to be an idea coming from the past. Nowadays, we all have cellphones, selfie sticks, and an array of gadgets that help us produce our own photos in seconds. Yet the booth has a cinematic feel and the idea that you come out of it with readily tangible pictures, not only those in digital form. It creates for you and your friends a different setting, as if you are hidden inside a magical box for a few seconds, that literally magnifies your happiness and crystallizes all your feelings. We’ve seen it at Kim Kardashian’s wedding, we love it at Vanity Fair’s special features on YouTube, and this is the case for an array of notable festivities.


Encore Mobile DJs makes sure that all photo booth equipment provided to its clients is latest technology, as well as fabulous in terms of design and adjustable to the type and style of your event. It might be within the context of a retro, a classic, or an ultra modern/minimalist event. Durability is a key because so many pictures are expected to be taken from this machine, and we all want it to be working properly till the late hours. The quality of the film is also guaranteed along with a multitude of specifications that elevate this service to the luxury scale.


We usually recommend those booths to be placed close to a distinctive spot in the venue, because it has to be visible, usable, and available to anybody. It can be close to the entrance or exit or even next to a point of reference such as the ice cream cart, the chocolate fountain, the swimming pool or the blooming fence. People would most probably take pictures at the booth, eating ice cream and carrying flowers on their heads! Make sure that temperature around the box is ideal, because it should definitely be a pleasant experience, and the equipment should maintain its functions.


The photo booth brings out the kid within you; a playful and spicy attitude with a sexy smile and cool expression. You want to play with such a facility, experimenting with grimaces, interacting with your photo mates, twisting images, and lightening up the formal atmosphere of the event. Some men will loosen their ties at that moment and some women will add a bit more gloss on their lips! Think of the possibility of providing them with cool disposable accessories right in front of the booth, including sparkly plastic sunnies, fake tiaras, oversized bows, boas, corsages, funny headbands, quirky hats, and other items, as if they were attending a costume party! The result will be over-the-top, probably cartoonish, and why not totally crazy, teasing senses and causing laughter!


It’s just the perfect highlight to your party. You can coordinate all things around it, including cinematic music, retro ambience, dress code, buffet, drinks, the shape and style of the dance stage, and even the invitations dispatched to your guests. It’s so much fun! You will totally convince everybody to dress up for this photo booth moment! Some guests might use it as a digital mirror, others might wish to tease somebody, and most of them will want to keep memories. The photo booth will become the focal point of the party, and the reason to attend it. It always has a cool aspect to it, because not everybody does it anymore! Holding a glass of champagne, guests will hang around it, chatting over the polaroids produced by this funky machine!


You can now contact us to consult you on the ways you can make the photo booth part of your laid-back or high-profile special moment. We will assess the overall schedule of the event, the location, the style, the needs, and the overall logistics including number of guests, duration of the party, and size of the venue. We really have answers to every single question or concern and, from your music to your booth, we’ll prep everything in full detail! Have fun!!!