Brides want to look beautiful and feel comfortable. They want to have fun at their wedding, ideally without gradually deconstructing the inconvenient details of their look. They don’t want to take their shoes off, but most of the time they are unable to do otherwise! We decided to go through the most appropriate styles that will make your feet fly over the stage without worries and pains. The perfect dancing shoes are of certain styles and characteristics. Let’s check them out!


High heels make you look taller but their can also torture your arch and make your feet sprinkled with blisters. Experts say that heels slightly lower than the 5-inch norm for eveningwear will definitely give you relief. You’ll get surprised with your endurance at this height. 4 ¾ inch heels are more or less the optimum height available in the market.


To dance easily you need to balance your steps. Chunky heels help you a lot in this, especially if you are not a natural high-heel walker! Finding your balance on stilettos will give you hard time throughout the night, and you’ll ultimately ditch them out, losing a bit of your allure. Chunky heels can be square, conical or cylindrical in shape but overall they are wide and thick. You just can’t go wrong with them!


The best way to fake high heels is pumps or sandals with concealed platform, an innovation that took personal style to the next level over the last decade. Hidden platform elevates your toes to a level that minimizes the height of your heel. Your arch is at the smaller angle with the ground, which makes these shoes way more comfortable, especially when dancing!


T-strap shoes – reminiscent of the 20’s – hold securely your feet without any extra effort from your part. Professional dancers wear them a lot for stability and ease of moves. They are sublime when combined with sparkly flapper dresses, but equally flattering with high-slit maxi skirts. You can spin around and tango on them all night long!


Areas of friction such as bunions, heels, and toes can get irritated by non-flexible stiff leather – especially the polished one. If your skin is sensitive and your feet’s shape quite unique, then go for softer materials such as suede and various luxe fabrics that easily stretch and mold on your feet. They might get dirty faster, but keep in mind that it’s your special night and the only thing you need is having fun without constraints!


Sometimes shoes are trimmed with ribbons, patent leather, PVC, and even sequins edging your skin and bordering your feet. Those can cause irritations and injuries with every move at the expense of your pleasure and good mood. Just avoid trimming all together and opt for smooth texture in all areas of the shoe. Decorations should better be placed off the edges and ideally be made of organza, satin, silk chiffon as well as soft threading.


Strappy sandals, especially when made of thin intertwined straps all over your feet can definitely injure your feet causing blisters and other painful reactions. If you are truly mad about this style, then make sure that they are carefully lined to protect your skin. In that case too, suede will do better than any other material on the outside. If you are not that obsessed with the strappy sandals, go for medium height pumps.


Fashionable brides should not hesitate to wear glam booties to their wedding with a heel below the 5-inch maximum. Go for the next half or full size up so as to feel them roomy; yet easy to hold them in your feet. You will easily find crystal-encrusted or embroidered booties in various shades of white as well as in pastels that match or complement your wedding gown. Comfy booties will be your perfect companion at your bridal reception. Remember that it will be non-stop dance situation and you refuse to make most of it barefoot!


If none of the above works then do your research and pick some stylish low-heel shoes that give you confidence and an edgy vibe. Avoid completely flat shoes because they are equally inconvenient and grueling to high heels. Your favorite unconventionally glamorous shoes could be booties, wedge sneakers, loafers, brogues, ballerinas or slippers. Nothing should keep you off the dance floor at your wedding reception!

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